2020 Valley View PTA Board

Executive Board

Alyssa Yerga-Woolwine


Angie Ashe


Mina Cirkic


Alicia Huff

Executive Vice President

Christie Villanueva

VP, Ways and Means

Jasmine Gant

VP, Membership




Committee Chairs (like Box Tops)

Join our team!

We are a group of parents who have decided to be proactive in making our Valley View Community School a better place. It's not easy, but, it's a great way to make friends, to contribute, and see the smiles on students faces first hand as they totally enjoy an event you've put together just for them. It's an amazing experience to gather community resources, to pull off highly appreciated feats, for students, teachers, parents and the community. Even if you don't want to commit to a title on the board, we have parents whose involvement is priceless. They come when they're needed, and they stay in touch. Sometimes parents have businesses and skills that they can contribute. All are welcome! Reach out today! Thank you!